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Introducing 4EverKodes

Are you ready? 4EverKodes is here to stay! Give your customers the added convenience of finding all your most important links on one landing page, giving them instant access to your Social Media Pages, Website, WhatsApp channel, and more!

Easy to use, dynamic and customizable QR codes for your marketing campaigns. Analyze statistics and optimize your marketing strategy and increase engagement.

QR Codes are everywhere and they are not going away. They are a great asset to your company because you can easily capture users and add them to your database. QR codes can be customized to match your company, brand or product.

The beauty of QR codes are that almost any type of data can be encoded in them. Most types of data can be tracked very easily so you will know exactly when and from where a person scanned your QR code.

Start your marketing campaign now and reach your customers efficiently.


Seamless convenience could be yours to offer, all at your client's fingertips with 4EverKodes, your one-stop QR code solution. With one quick scan your customers will have access to effortlessly explore your website, product catalogue, and more! And it's fully optimized for social sharing, allowing your customers to share your info easily with friends and family. Linked to a user-friendly landing page, this package offers increased mobile-friendliness and convenience, enhanced customer engagement, and lead-generation opportunities for remarketing purposes.

Short Links

Unlimited Data Retention

Scan & Link Click Tracking

Event Tracking

Device & Geo Targeting

Managed Custom Landing Page

Custom Designed QR Code

Branded Domains (Paid Addon)

Custom 3rd Party Integrations (Paid Addon)

POPIA & GDPR Compliant


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