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4EverKards is a contactless solutions company that offers endless possibilities for info-sharing, growing your business, and getting to know your audience. Our aim is to provide innovative and easy ways for you to interact with your clients through NFC and QR Code technologies. With one tap, we can help open up a whole new world by bringing your creative ideas to life..



Always eco-friendly
Instead of printing thousands of business cards and other materials every year, 4EverKards has you covered with a single solution.


Cover all the bases
Why just an old-school business card when you can do so much more on both print and digital channels? Out with the old, in with cutting-edge technology. Show that you and your business embrace new ideas.


Provide high-quality solutions
We aim always to provide a high-quality service coupled with high-quality products.


It must work with you
The custom WordPress-powered microsite solution is designed to integrate with your existing systems.






Fully customizable microsite

NFC chips & QR codes are programmed to link to a fully customizable and programmable WordPress-powered microsite for your company on the 4EverKards network.


NFC Chips & QR Codes

A variety of objects with embedded NFC technology and printed QR technology to easily link you to your customers.


Branding Links & Statistics

In partnership with D3V.Click, you are provided with a Branded URL and a Kard URL. Both used to direct your customer to your branded microsite and you with click statistics.


High Speed Network

Our servers are hosted around the world and your nearest will be in the same country as your business is located, wherever possible. For example, South African clients will have their micro-sites hosted in CPT.

Managed Service

A fully managed service, you focus on your business and we focus on the technical stuff. Additionally, we offer our clients full technical and product support.

Custom Development

Apart from the microsite customization, we also offer fully custom-developed solutions that allow integration with any system. We are here to offer solutions, not just provide a card with a link.

1000+ Integrations

Integrate all microsite forms with over 1000 different services through Zapier or other communication services, such as Slack and Telegram via webhooks or Twillo SMS.


  • Lead Generation
  • Client / Customer Registrations
  • Micro-catalogues
  • Make a Booking
  • And much, much more...


  • Business Cards
  • Desk Cards
  • Digital Signatures
  • And much, much more...


As a service-orientated company with years of digital marketing experience, our focus is not on the business card but on the platform itself. A card or other items are simply channels to distribute your profile endpoint. We make sure that once your card is tapped or your QR code is scanned, your potential customer or client has all the information they need to engage with your company, right at their fingertips.


Scan the NFC-enabled item or the QR code with a mobile device and open the attached link.

Interacting with your microsite allows your client to see whatever you would like them to see, and take action via the function buttons.

Perform appropriate actions designed to lead the customer to an ROI point, be it a lead form or a make-a-booking button.

Add the info to your CRM or simply receive an email. Your sales team can now take it from here.




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